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Horse Bit & Bridle Assessment for Equine Professionals

Duration: 1 Day

Delivery: Onsite

This course has been designed to give Equine Professionals (such as Therapists, Saddle Fitters, Riding Coaches and so on) beneficial training in selecting the correct bit/bridle for their customers as this has a definite impact not only on equine performance, biomechanics, injury prevention but welfare too.

The course is very in depth. It covers bit types, materials, function and how to select, apply and fit the bit according to the horse and its requirements.  This is a more complex process than many horse owners think who have many ridden, behavioural and musculoskeletal problems that can often be rectified from correct biting.

Candidates will be able to thoroughly palpate and determine with confidence, whether the bit is functioning correctly for that horse and if not, advise accordingly.  Case history, horse personality, mouth conformation, ridden discipline and bit types are considerations during the practical assessment.

This course is also beneficial for horse owners that want to give their horse top quality care.

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