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Botanical Choices for Horses
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The theory and practical are multimedia with presentations, filming, training manuals, data sheets and everything you need to provide natural healthcare options for your horses.

The training for horse owners or for those wanting to embark on the Practitioner in Botanical Choices training programme.  This training helps horses to heal themselves physically and emotionally using botanical compounds – essential oils, floral waters, herbs, minerals and more.  Animals have been performing “Zoopharmacognosy” for centuries but humans removed this ability for horses when we domesticated them and placed them in lush paddocks and stables.

​Through our training you can bring the outside world to your horse once again and allow it to make choices for its own self-healing and self-medication.  We have worked with many horses with the following problems, all with great success: gastric, ulcers, mud fever, arthritis, injuries, muscular health, laminitis, hormonal imbalances, bladder, liver and kidney.  We also have success of working with stable vices, confidence issues, separation anxiety and much more.

​Training not to be missed for those who want to bring natural choices to the healthcare of their horses.

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