CureTape® Introduction Pack Self-Taping



CureTape® Self-Taping Intro Pack


The CureTape Self-Taping Intro Pack is the way to get started with kinesiology taping. This package contains several of our products to give you the best possible introduction to our range. It also enables you to choose your preference and compare different products.


Intro Pack contains:

1 x CureTape® Classic  (5cm*2.5m)

Our line of CureTape® Classic is the most well-known and well-used kinesiology tape in Europe. Many physiotherapists and other medical professionals use it. Unlike other brands, our brand really stands out because of the quality of the material. Over the years, many imitations have appeared on the market at bargain prices. We stand behind our quality and are convinced that you will not want to do otherwise when you choose our kinesiology tape.


1 x CureTape® Sports (5cm*2.5m)

Will you do a lot of sports while wearing the kinesiology tape or are you planning to apply it to a part of the body where you tend to perspire a lot? Then CureTape® Sports is the best choice for you. This kinesiology tape is made from breathable viscose as opposed to the cotton in our Classic line. Therefore, it feels much softer, dries faster and has an extra strong waterproof layer. This combination makes this kinesiology tape perfect for use during extreme sports or when swimming.


1 x CureTape® Art (5cm*2.5m)

CureTape Art kinesiology tape design is manufactured according to a unique printing process, the dye is completely absorbed into the fibers. The cotton will continue to feel smooth and supple. CureTape Art is the only kinesiology tape where this unique printing technique for these designs is used.


1 x CureTape® Soft touching Scissors

The CureTape scissors are high-quality and perfect for cutting CureTape. The scissors have a soft handle and glue residue can be easily removed.


1 x The Ultimate Taping Guide

This kinesiology taping book is written by our taping instructor Christina Peter. A very useful guide that explains how to tape 30 injuries and complaints. The book contains 176 pages with more than 200 photos and illustrations. Use the QR codes to watch instruction videos as well.

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CureTape® Self-Taping Intro Pack