Meet the Team

Together, our team at Equi-ed cultivate a community of passionate individuals dedicated to improving the lives of dogs and horses through the power of education.


Therese Murphy - Owner

Equine Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention & Management​

Therese has over 15 years of experience working with horses in a massage therapy capacity, specializing in equine rehabilitation, injury prevention, and management. Although she is a neuromuscular and orthopaedic specialist in humans, her passion lies in working with horses. Therese has developed a particular expertise in rehabilitating off-the-track thoroughbreds. Her approach to equine therapy is grounded in science, empathy, and a deep understanding of the equine anatomy. Her impressive resume includes working with some of the world's finest equine athletes, and she continues to serve as an advisor to prominent trainers and riders worldwide.

Equied-training-team-angela hall

Angela Hall - Founder of EMA

Equine Therapist

Angela Hall is the founder of EMA a highly qualified professional with extensive international experience in equine therapy and lecturing in renowned universities and private equestrian establishments. She is also a published author. Angela brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work. Together with Therese, they form a dynamic team driven by a shared passion for making the world a better place for horses. Through their combined expertise, experience and knowledge, they deliver unrivalled training dedicated to equine health and well-being. Recognised as leaders in their field.


Elayne Coulston

Instructor & Equine Physical Therapist

Growing up in the country Elayne was always surrounded by all types of animals, but particularly horses and dogs. She was raised, hunting, pony clubbing, show jumping and junior eventing. She pursued this passion in my professional life, obtaining a Bachelor of Science from UCD and a postgraduate Diploma in Equine Studies. She gained extensive experience over several years working for a bloodstock agency and subsequently gained international equine experience in Australia. She also worked for several years as a Project Manager within the Telecoms industry, gaining valuable European corporate experience. Elayne is an Equi-ed graduate herself and now is an instructor. Elayne is part of all of our courses from owner to professional, Equine and Canine.


Marie Stevenson

Equine Massage Therapist working in the UK

Marie is an experienced equine massage therapist working in the UK. Having a successful therapy business for the last 11 years. Marie took the role as the lead assessor for Equi-ed in 2019. She has a BSc (Hons) in Equine Science and an FdSc in Equine therapy and rehabilitation. The science degree has allowed Marie to follow her passion of equine nutrition and is now the consultant and assessor for our nutrition courses both in the UK & Ireland. Having a passion for nutrition Marie started a supplement business developing formulas using more natural ingredients from nature such as herbs, plants and spices. This has furthered her interest into Botanicals and is now a student herself on the Master botanical for horses course. Marie is very much an animal lover having rescued numerous rabbits & cats and a lot of time is spent with her Fell pony Compo.

beck-nairns-bio team member

Beck Nairns

Equine Dissection

Equi-ed are proud to be working with Becks Nairns and have her as part of the team. Becks Nairns has been dissecting horses for 4 years and realised some horses cannot be fixed in rehabilitation. She has been a taxidermist for 18 years and uses her industry skills to dissect horses and gain key insights and answers. She says the journey has been one of horror and fascination at the things discovered. Becks has a thorough knowledge of bio mechanics and is a dedicated classical rider breeding Andalusians in New Zealand. Becks has guidance from veterinarians to consult on all her findings through dissections. This is such a valuable tool to discover pathologies that are normally taken to the grave. Becks vision is to ensure better welfare for horses through education of the horses body and to understand how interconnected the horse’s body is both physically and mentally.
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Millie Sword

EMA Graduate

Millie, a valued member of the admin team, also works as an assessor for equine and canine courses. Millie has a first-class honours degree in Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation and she is also an EMA graduate- graduating with a distinction in the Advanced Practitioner in Equine Integrative Support Therapies course. She balances her role with Equi-Ed and EMA alongside successfully running her own equine therapy business, which she started in 2017. Millie's passion for horses shines through, with a keen focus on gait analysis and posture within equine therapy. She also writes the Equine Research and Science Hub newsletters, finding interesting and topical research papers to share with members of the Hub.

Laura Nickel

SMS Saddle Fitter and Saddler

Laura Nickel is a skilled SMS Saddle fitter and SMS Saddler located in Ayrshire, Scotland. With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, she has developed a strong passion for horses, particularly in the areas of biomechanics and rehabilitation. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with others by training new saddle fitters/saddlers and helping horse owners and riders to better understand their horse's needs and tack. Laura has received awards for her work and constantly strives to enhance her knowledge of horse, tack, and rider interactions.

Corin Bruce Equied Scotland

Corin Bruce - Equi-ed Scotland

Equine & Human Sports Science

Equied are delighted to launch in Scotland. The head of our team in Scotland is Corin Bruce. Corin qualified as a therapist nearly 20 years ago, since then she has treated horses in the UK, Ireland & Australia. Corin’s passion for horses came at an early age, when she successfully competed on the Scottish Junior Showjumping team. This passion continued into a professional career, where she gained an honours degree in Equine & Human Sports Science, before completing her qualifications to treat animals. Corin now runs a successful business in Scotland and is also involved in Scotland’s first Equine Rehabilitation Centre. Her passion lies in education to promote welfare standards across the industry. Venue: The Scottish Equine Rehabilitation Centre - SERC


Charlie Flanagan - Equi-ed Canada

Head of EquiEd’s Canadian Department

Charlie is a fully qualified and insured equine massage therapist. She is a past graduate of Equi-ed and obtained her degree with us and currently provides elite equine body work and sports massage services. She is also head of Equi-eds Canadian department. “By being born into the industry, I have a very strong passion for horses. It's very rewarding for me to play such a big role in improving a horse’s performance in order to reach their full potential. I compete at an international level in showjumping myself alongside having our Meadowbranch training centre in Dublin, Ireland and Waterdown. Ontario Canada.”

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