Fasciq® Ultimate Cupping Collection



Fasciq® Ultimate Cupping Collection

Want to start cupping therapy? This is your chance! This set of 4 cupping sets + a free cream (15 pcs in total) is the ideal way to start cupping. Everything you need to start your cupping adventure!

This cupping collection set contains 14 cups in 10 different diameters, making it very versatile. All cups are made of high-quality silicone with a special grip addition. As a result, the cups offer extra grip during application. Ideal in combination with the free fascia cream included in the package! The set is suitable for both daily practice and home use.


Contents of the fasciq complete cupping collection:

  • FASCIQ ® Cupping Set (4 Sizes)
    ø 4.5 cm, 6cm, 7.5cm and 10cm
  • FASCIQ® Grip 2 Cups (1*Small + 1*Large)
    ø 5.5 7cm and 7cm
  • FASCIQ® Grip Facial Cupping Set (2*Mini + 2*Medium)
    ø 1.5cm and 3.8cm
  • FASCIQ® Trigger point Cupping Set (2*Large + 2*Small)
    ø 5.7cm and 6.7cm
  • FASCIQ® Cream 150 ml

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FASCIQ® Silicone Cupping Set. Helps improve perfusion. Facilitates the removal of bodily waste. Treats Mobility and Movement Dysfunctions.