Fasciq® Trigger Point Cups



Fasciq® Trigger Point Cups

The FASCIQ Sports Cupping Set of four trigger point cups (2 large, 2 small) allow you to grab, pull and push fascia to treat mobility and movement dysfunctions.
These cups are easier to keep clean and sterile than glass or plastic. They can apply two levels of suction: plunger and inversion.

How does trigger point cupping work?

Cupping creates a decompressive force in the tissues immediately under the cup (with a compressive force created around the rim of the cup). This lifting of the tissues can be a different stimulus to the tissues and the nervous system and for some people can be a relaxing way of treating tight or sore areas and trigger points. It is the opposite of many other forms of manual cupping therapy that typically create a compressive force such as massage, use of IASTM tools, or floss bands.


Why buy the trigger point cupping set?

The FASCIQ® silicone cups are easier to travel with as they are not breakable. eliminate the need to carry the vacuum pump and come with a much more compact carrying case!

  • – One piece design for treating different target areas
  • – 2 suction level: plunger & inversion
  • – A unique set of 2 small cups – 2.25″ (57 mm) + 2 large cups – 2.63″ (67 mm)
  • – FASCIQ EVA carry case with zipper
  • – 100% food grade silicone

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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FASCIQ Sports Cupping Set of four trigger point cups. Allows Grab, Pull and Push Fascia. Treats Mobility and Movement Dysfunctions.