VetkinTape® Leather Tape holder Set



A high-quality leather belt with a storage holder for a roll of VetkinTape (6 cm) and a scissor holder. A practical and efficient tool for treatments on location, with which you always have your “tool” within reach.

VetkinTape® is an elastic kinesiology tape, innovated and developed especially for veterinary appliances. Its key features include a special adhesive layer designed to stick on coats, 145% stretch to match and different sizes for application on all sorts of animals (i.e. equine & canine).

VetkinTape® is used for:

  • Injured muscles (pain relief and stimulates circulation)
  • Improvement of performance and recovery time
  • Biomechanical and postural dysfunction

Additional information

Weight 2 kg


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With the VetkinTape® leather belt + storage holders you always have your VetkinTape® (6cm) and scissors within reach.