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Therese Murphy founded Equi-Ed in 2019 to deliver bespoke equine massage and therapy related training to Ireland.

Equi-Ed is in partnership with the internationally recognised training school Equine Massage Academy (EMA), based in England, UK.

Equi-Ed will be delivering all of the Equine Massage Academy courses in Ireland.

Therese brings a wealth of experience to the industry, she has been involved with horses most of her life.

About Us

Therese has been working with horses for 11 years in a massage therapy capacity. Her speciality is equine rehabilitation and injury analysis.

Therese is also a neuromuscular and orthopaedic specialist in humans but prefers to work with horses.

An already experienced instructor in Equine Anatomy & Physiology to complete the  expertise that Equi-Ed will bring to equine industry in Ireland.

Our Training Partner

Equine Massage Academy based in England has students learning and graduates working in the equine industry across four continents.

To visit the Equine Massage Academy website, please click the button below.

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