Equine Bit and Bridle Fitting Consultant

EH06 | Professional | Accredited by the IRVAP and UKRS Level 5, (6 Irish Framework)

Course Description

As a participant in our Equine Bit and Bridle Fitting Consultant Programme, you will delve into the intricate world of horse welfare and performance with a focus on enhancing their abilities and overall well-being. Our accredited program, ensures that you receive top-notch training and knowledge to make a positive impact in the equine industry.

Throughout the course, you will gain valuable insights into the proper fitting of bits and bridles to optimize comfort and communication between horse and rider. By completing this program, you will not only expand your expertise but also join a community of dedicated professionals committed to upholding the highest standards in equine care.

Embark on this enriching journey with us and unlock the endless possibilities of contributing to the betterment of horse welfare and performance. Your dedication and passion will undoubtedly help horses reach their full potential while making a meaningful difference in their lives. Join us today and become a certified Equine Bit and Bridle Fitting Consultant, ready to make a positive impact in the equestrian world.

The program has been developed by musculoskeletal and bit specialists, ensuring you a complete and thorough educational experience endorsed by top industry professionals.

By the conclusion of this training, you will become a well-informed and empathetic supporter of equine welfare and performance by mastering the art of fitting equine bits and bridles correctly.

Those with equine experience who possess a passion for ensuring the comfort and well-being of horses. Proper bit and bridle fitting are integral components of equine healthcare, management, and performance enhancement. The goal is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to optimise horse comfort, thereby improving overall wellbeing and performance. You need a good standard of education to complete the course.

We have no affiliations with any specific bit brands, providing unbiased training focused on choosing the most suitable bit for any horse, regardless of the brand.

You will need to complete two assignments and analyze six case studies related to horses. Your submissions will be evaluated by our in-house expert assessor, who is also well-versed in the industry.

Throughout this course, you will embark on a rewarding journey where you will:

  • – Explore the essential equine anatomy to understand how vital structures affect the comfort and well-being of horses when using tack.
  • – Recognize subtle and obvious behavioural signals that indicate discomfort or pain caused by poorly fitting tack.
  • – Acquire hands-on experience in fitting bits and bridles.
  • – Develop the skills to troubleshoot, identify, and resolve common issues related to bit and bridle fit, becoming a reliable source for effective solutions in improving equine comfort and performance.
  • – Embrace a comprehensive approach to equine care, advocating for the welfare of all horses by enhancing their quality of life through proper bit and bridle fitting practices.

Participants usually strive to finish the program in 6 to 8  months. This approach enables a manageable pace that can be easily integrated with other work and life responsibilities.

Embark on this transformative adventure to enhance your understanding of equine welfare and performance.

The tuition fees for the course are very competitive given the high standard of training offered by Equi-Ed with the IRVAP (Institute of Registered Veterinary Animal Physiotherapists) and UKRS accreditation.

Attendance in the Ireland training fees: €1600

Final Assessment & Certification = €200

*Monthly Payment Plans are available.

Course Name: Equine Bit and Bridle Fitting Consultant

Course Certification: Level 5, (6 Irish Framework)

Course Code: EH06

Course Type: Professional

Start Date: 31st July 2024


6-8 months. Blended learning. This course is delivered by a hybrid model. Zoom sessions and practical training.

Fee Ireland: €1600

Equi-Ed is committed to providing a comprehensive education in equine therapy. Our admissions process is designed to select students who have demonstrated a strong interest in the field or currently work in a related industry. Applications are reviewed on a holistic basis, taking into account the applicant’s academic record, as well as their experience with horses. Applicants will be notified of their admissions decision within 5 days of submitting their application form.

Choose your course date and location and fill out the application form. We will contact you within 5 working days to confirm your approval. There are payment options available for professional courses, such as payment installments or you can use Humm Finance. Once you have signed up and paid the deposit, you can start your course.”

Professional Course Image - Equine Bit and Bridle Fitting Consultant

Are you enthusiastic about enhancing equine welfare and performance, aiming for horses to reach their maximum potential? Dive into our extensive Equine Bit and Bridle Fitting Consultant Programme! Accredited by the IRVAP (Institute of Registered Veterinary Animal Physiotherapists) and UKRS ensuring top-notch standards. Upon completion, you will become a fully insured professional consultant.


Start Date: 31 July 2024.


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