Career Profile – Elayne Coulston – Equine Physical Therapist

  • Career Profile – Elayne Coulston – Equine Physical Therapist

    • 07,Dec 2022

    What did you study with Equi-ed and how you found the course?

    I studied for Equine Integrative Support Therapies Certification and after completing my course work and exam received my qualification in March 2021. I found the course harder work than I had anticipated but also came away with a much more rounded education than just equine massage. Thanks to units of conformation, nutrition, dentition, cognition and rider biomechanics, I feel confident looking at horses in a holistic way and being able to treat not just the problem but also getting to the root cause of what is causing the issue. The course included on site learning days which are a great way to learn and practice hands on techniques and also discuss specific issues that I had either encountered historically or was seeing in case studies as well as distance learning which encourages further research and knowledge expansion. Through both my assignments and case studies I had the confidence to hit the ground running after completing the course and set up my own business as an Equine Physical Therapist. Having found the Equine Certification to be so useful and informative I subsequently completed the Canine Massage and Rehabilitation which enabled me to add dogs to my client list.  

    What Services do you provide as a Professional?

    Since qualifying with Equied I have begun my own business as an Equine and Canine Physical Therapist and thanks to completing some highly useful CPD’s I offer the following to horse and dog owners: Equine and Canine massage and joint mobilisation including, sports massage, pre and post competition massage, therapeutic massage, deep tissue release, trigger point therapy and passive stretching. The more advanced and specialised techniques of advanced equine myofascial release and lymphatic drainage.  In addition I have completed the following CPD’s which are invaluable to increasing my effectiveness when treating animals:
    • Equine Health & Nutrition
    • Equine & Canine Kinesiology Taping
    • Photizo Red Light Application
    • Saddle and Bridle Assessment
    • Equine & Canine First Aid
    • Advanced Myofascial Release & Kinetic Chains
    • Equine Craniosacral Therapy
    • Advanced Assessment & Prescription for Performance & Rehabilitation
    • Equine Water Treadmill Training
    • Equine Manual Lymphatic drainage
    • Introduction to Canine Hydrotherapy
    • Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction in Dogs
    Additionally, I am now involved in teaching and organising owner workshops, professional courses and CPD’s for Equied.  One of the highpoints of 2023 was being involved in the organisation of and the attendance at Ireland’s first whole horse dissection which was an invaluable learning experience.

    What areas and locations you cover

    I cover Kildare and surrounding counties with clients in Wicklow, Dublin, Meath, Westmeath and Offaly and am happy to travel to further locations for a number of clients in a condensed location.