Clinic – Equine Dissection by Beck Nairns

  • Clinic – Equine Dissection by Beck Nairns

    • 15,Jan 2024
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    Equi-ed delivers first 3 day Equine dissection.

    Becks Nairns has been dissecting horses for 4 years after realising some horses couldn’t be fixed through the rehabilitation process. She has been a taxidermist for 18 years and uses her skills gained from the industry to dissect horses and find some answers. She says the journey has been one of horror and fascination at the things discovered. Becks has a thorough knowledge of biomechanics and is a dedicated classical rider breeding Andalusians in New Zealand. Becks has guidance from veterinarians to consult on all her findings through dissections. Dissection is such a valuable tool to discover pathologies that are normally taken to the grave. Beck’s vision is to ensure better welfare for horses through education of the horse’s body. To understand how interconnected the horse’s body is both physically and mentally. Visit my Patreon and see more of my recent posts>