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"Equi-Ed courses are designed using the latest scientific research to apply techniques and approaches to the equine athlete. Having studied with Equi-Ed and using a tailored approach each time, I can see
definite results, achieving sounder, healthier horses that rehab safely and are willing to reach their potential".
Orla Curry

"My name is  Joanne O’Shea and I am a graduate student of the Equine Integrative Support therapies training course. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. It certainly was an eye opening learning experience for me and It provided me with a very valuable education, that I believe to be lacking in the equine industry.

On signing up for the course I have assumed it would be solely focused on massage therapy and massage techniques but this is only one aspect of it. The course applies a very holistic approach, taking the whole horse into consideration. This course is a comprehensive study of equine science in effect, as well as being a very comprehensive massage therapy course.

The structure of the course with a large number of both assignments and case studies combined with the study units and the students own research that needs to be done, gives the student a comprehensive understanding of equine therapy and you will graduate from this course very well equipped as an equine therapist.

The course tutor Therese Murphy, is beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most knowledgeable and experienced equine professional that I have ever come across in my lifetime and I am honoured to have had to opportunity to learn from her. She is a wonderful equine educator and I am hugely indebted to her, for helping me with many equine queries. She is always available for top class advice.

I would recommend this course 100%. I have learned an unreal amount of mind blowing information as well as in depth massage therapy".

"I found the course and the teachings very in dept and fascinating. The teachings have completely changed the way I look at horses and  the positive impact it has on their quality of life is amazing to see!" - Sadhbh Morley

"I couldn't fault the courses provided by the team at equi-ed....Thorough level of detail, lots of hands on experience, great range of cpd and support behind the scenes. Highly recommend!" 
Katie Timmins  (Racehorse Specific)

“A very informative and interesting course, with great support and help provided.I found it hugely beneficial that the availability of this course has provided me with the opportunity to gain a qualification to further my career and explore other opportunities within the equine industry”.

Mary Jane Kearney

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