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Pre-training and breaking

dom james 1.jpg

Patrick Mullins taking one of our pre-trainers for its first grass gallop

dom james 2.jpg

Richie Deegan taking one of our pre-trainers for its first grass gallop

Racehorse education is the cornerstone of developing a promising young thoroughbred into an athlete, fulfilling its maximum potential on the track. Equi-ed provides pre-training services to Irelands leading thoroughbred trainers and owners, as well as respected and successful overseas clients.


Trainers compliment us on how well muscled, conditioned and forward the horses are when received into their yards.


Horses are all treated on an individual basis.

Every horse going into training needs to learn more than just going on a gallop.

The daily routine in  racing yards is very structured and there are specific things that the horses have to accept. The more we can prepare them for these, the less of a culture shock it is for them when they go into training.

We have extremely high standards when it comes to educating equine athletes and we understand what is needed for their journey on the racetrack.

Equi-Ed has a great team around us, providing all necessary ancillary services that may be required - specialist veterinary surgeons, farriers (including remedial) chiropractic and equine physiotherapists on site as well as having a full complement of therapy equipment. This is all included in your horse`s pre-training package.

We are well-known for our forward-thinking, often not running with conventional approaches to our work, as we try to cover every aspect of management and training that may impact on the health, well-being and performance of horses.

If you would like to discuss your horses requirements, please contact us here.





Patrick Mullins :" Equi-Ed pre-training is very well done. Horses are well schooled and prepared for when they enter into a training yard. The horses have gone through a specific program and are well developed mentally and physically for the demands of training. " 

Brian Hayes: " I found Therese and her team exceptionally good in all aspects of breaking and pre-training a 3 year old filly for me. Regular updates, schooling and days away giving her the perfect start to racing" 

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paddy 1.jpg
jason 2.jpg

Doyen Flyer receiving treatment from Equi-Ed Graduate Jason Deer

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Little Soiree

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