Galloping into Spring: Events and Activities Equi-ed this April

  • Galloping into Spring: Events and Activities Equi-ed this April

    • 28,Mar 2024
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    • Equine Kinesiology taping
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    April is looking to be a busy month for Equi-Ed with courses for both owners and professionals in both the equine and canine sectors. Don’t Miss These equine events this month… Starting off with our very popular Owner Massage Course on the 5th April, these courses are always great fun as we get owners from all areas of the equine sector who are all interested in learning more about how their horse’s body works as well as picking up techniques to keep them feeling good between professional visits. We run through some theory in the morning and then spend the afternoon learning techniques which will enable every participant to perform a full body massage on their own horse when they get home.  

    Addressing a Spectrum of Musculoskeletal Conditions in Horses

    Our Vetkin Professional Kinesiology Taping CPD runs on the 5th and  6th.  As an equine professional K Taping is an invaluable skill for all therapists, vets and vet nurses and will support the work you are already performing and prolong the positive effects. Through case studies and applications, you will learn about treating injured muscles to alleviate pain and stimulate circulation, reducing swelling, supporting biomechanical dysfunction without limiting motion, and improving proprioceptive feedback to aid in correcting posture.  Equine Kinesiology taping offers a comprehensive approach to addressing a spectrum of musculoskeletal conditions in horses.  

    Equi-ed Disseciton with Beck Nairns –  Taking Centre Stage This April

    Technically dissection preparation started right after our last one finished back in November 2023 but the week of April 14th we will be putting the final touches in place for our first 2024 dissection, ensuring that everything runs to plan as this is no small undertaking.  This year we plan to host not just one but two, two day dissections on the 22nd  and 25th of April.  No matter what area of the equine industry you are involved, seeing what is going on under the skin is an experience you will never forget and the knowledge you will gain will provide an invaluable insight into equine health, anatomy and biomechanics.  The wealth of knowledge that Becks Nairns brings with her is incredible and her dissection technique is inclusive of the entire group as she says “this is your dissection!”  

    Not Forgetting Our Dog Lovers…

    Not forgetting our Canine Professions, we will be closing out the month with our Professional Practitioner in Canine Therapy and produces highly educated and passionate canine professionals qualified to work in the canine complimentary healthcare sector.  The format of this course is a combination of on-site and distance learning and after completion, our graduates will have the skill and ability to work on dogs with massage therapy in a wide range of sectors ranging from the family pet, post surgery, mobility issues and general discomfort. Whether you are an owner or a professional we have a course that will increase you equine knowledge so keep an eye out for more to come.