CureTape® Kinesiology Taping Guide



CureTape® The Ultimate Kinesiology Taping Guide

Tape your own injury! Useful guide that explains how to tape 30 injuries and complaints. The book contains 176 pages with more than 200 photos and illustrations. Use the QR codes to watch instruction videos as well.


The book is intended for people who want to tape an injury or complaint themselves. In this useful book, we have selected a number of common injuries for which kinesiology tape can help in case it is applied with the right technique. These taping applications can be used for sports or for carrying out your daily activities pain-free. 176 pages with 30 taping applications, made clear with more than 200 step-by-step instruction photos and illustrations.


You may have already been taught this technique by a therapist, in which case this book is a good resource to review everything calmly. Or maybe your treatment by a therapist is over but you would like to keep taping in order to be able to play sports painlessly or to function normally in your daily activities.


Christina Peter, experienced physiotherapist and taping instructor teacher, explains step-by-step how to tape more than 30 complaints. Clear instructions and images are provided to make it as clear as posssible. With a QR code you can also watch an instruction video per injury.


Kinesiology taping has become an important and indispensable part of the practice of the professional therapist. The method has proven to be a successful component of various therapies.


This book is intended for people who want to tape an injury or complaint themselves.

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CURETAPE® The Ultimate Kinesiology Taping Guide