Equisk Engaged-Rider Resistance Bands



New Equisk Engaged-Rider Resistance Bands

NEW! Now fully adjustable to suit riders of all shapes, sizes and fitness. Take your riding to the next level with our EngagedRider Resistance Bands. These high-quality, adjustable and washable resistance bands come as a pair and are designed to be worn while riding, from right heel to left shoulder, and from left heel to right shoulder.

NOTE: SOLD AS A PAIR, you will receive two bands in your order.

What are they?

Being fully adjustable, the bands fit riders of all shapes and sizes, from under 5' (150cm) to over 6' (180cm). The bands can easily be washed on a gentle washing machine cycle, and the thick elastic fabric material is designed to last through many years of use.

These bands are sewn, not velcroed, and come with a 12-month warranty. The fabric material is much more comfortable and durable than latex bands. Please note that these are a training tool, and are not allowed in most official competitions and warm-ups (check the rules if unsure).

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