Equisk Junior Steady-Hands Riding Gloves



Junior Steady-Hands Riding Gloves for Ages 4-12

The same benefits of our best-selling SteadyHands gloves for junior riders aged 4 to 12. By request from parents and coaches who love our SteadyHands gloves and want to see junior riders benefit from the same riding tool, we are proud to offer Junior SteadyHands. Junior riders can now develop good hand and position habits right from the start, and feel how a quiet, following contact can be achieved. Available in navy with a pink band, the beautiful navy gloves feature buttery soft, grippy neo-leather with a stretch panel over the knuckles for comfort and performance.

Safety First

Safety is always our priority, and even more so when it comes to our precious junior riders! The SteadyHands Junior Riding Gloves feature our unique quick-release centre clip, which comes apart easily from any sudden or jerky hand movement, but otherwise stays put.

The Junior SteadyHands gloves are also equipped with velcro attachment to the gloves, which will come apart under pressure, as an added point of safety.

With these safety features, young riders can concentrate on learning the best hand position and contact, without having to worry about their hands being restricted in an emergency.


One of the hardest things for riders of all ages to learn is how to achieve correct rein contact. Whether it is learning how to follow their horse's mouth or get their horse "on the bit", it's important for young riders to get it right from the start! SteadyHands Riding Gloves are a proven tool that has helped riders from all over the world understand how to achieve a softer, more elastic and more consistent contact.


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Age 4-5, Age 6-7, Age 8-10, Age 11-12


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