The FASCIQ IASTM tool Artist is a versatile instrument comparable to an artist’s palette, crafted with precision from high-quality surgical steel. This remarkable tool features multiple edges, each designed to cater to a range of therapeutic treatments and techniques, providing you with a diverse array of options for optimal patient care and outcomes.

  1. Concave Round/Sharp Edge XS: This tool is perfect for scanning the Achilles tendon and providing super-fascial treatment to the wrist. It is also suitable for performing pin & stretch techniques on the thumb/hand and effleurage for enhanced therapeutic effects.
  2. Concave Round/Sharp Edge S: Ideal for super-fascial treatment of the plantar fascia medial and release layers/septa of the medial/ventral tibial region. Enjoy the benefits of effleurage on the lower and upper arms for improved recovery and relaxation.
  3. Concave Round/Sharp Edge L: This tool is designed for effleurage on the upper leg, pin & stretch techniques on the hip and back, and chest-related treatments, offering a comprehensive solution for targeted relief and enhanced mobility.
  4. Concave Round/Sharp Round: Experience the versatility of this tool, perfect for trigger point therapy throughout the body and addressing tendon insertions for effective pain relief and improved function.
  5. Concave Round/Sharp Edge L: Target the upper leg with scanning techniques, provide super-fascial treatment to the hip, perform pin & stretch on the lateral side of the back, and enjoy the benefits of effleurage for a well-rounded therapeutic experience.
  6. Concave Round/Sharp Edge S: This tool excels in releasing layers/septa in the Achilles area, deep tissue treatment of the M. Subscapularis, and addressing trigger points at tendon insertions, allowing for precise and effective therapy.

FASCIQ® products are used to treat the fasciae, to bring about a loosening of the fasciae (fascia release) and to maintain a flexible fascial network (fascia treatment). Regular use of these products can prevent injuries.

A flexible and well-maintained, healthy fascial network.

Improved tissue perfusion.

Improved range of motion.

Mobilization of the soft tissue.

Loosening of adhesions in the connective tissue.

Treatment of trigger points.

All FASCIQ® IASTM tools have Lifetime Guarantee, which of course applies under normal usage.


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The FASCIQ® IASTM Tool – Artist is a robust IASTM Tool with a straight finish at the bottom and an inward-faced flat edge at the top. Ideal for scanning tissue. This Tool has different shapes, such as a concave side, a convex side and jagged corners. This makes it widely applicable. Travel pouch included. These tools will let you perform your normal treatments whilst reducing the stress on your hands. A must have!