Equine Manual Lymphatic Drainage



Equine lymphatic drainage is a specialised therapeutic technique aimed at promoting optimal lymph circulation in horses. The lymphatic system plays a crucial role in maintaining the horse’s overall health and immune function. This gentle and rhythmic massage technique assists in the removal of waste products, toxins, and excess fluid from the horse’s tissues, reducing inflammation and oedema.

For therapists, mastering equine lymphatic drainage can be highly beneficial as it enhances their repertoire of skills, offering a non-invasive and natural approach to supporting the horse’s well-being. By improving lymphatic flow, this technique can aid in the prevention and treatment of various equine health issues, such as swollen limbs, cellulitis, and skin disorders.

Equine lymphatic drainage helps in post-injury recovery, promoting faster healing and reduced scar tissue formation. Overall, adding this valuable technique to a therapist’s toolbox can significantly contribute to providing comprehensive and effective care for equine clients.

Course Name: Equine Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Course Certification: UK Rural Skills accredited, align to level 3, (4 Irish Framework)

Duration: 6 hours

Online or Onsite: Onsite

Course Code: EQ07

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Venue:  The Scottish Equine Rehabilitation Centre – SERC

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