VetkinTape® Pre-Tape Spray



VetkinTape® Pre-Tape Spray is a spray-on adhesive to increase the stick between tape and the skin, making tapes stick very securely and last longer.

Benefits of VetkinTape® Pre-Taping Sprays

Most eco-friendly alternative to existing aero sprays on the market.

No propellants in the product.

Use to secure tapes & strapping and make tape jobs last longer.

Strong adherence without irritating skin.

Easy spray-on adhesive gives sports tape and wraps more stick.

Water-resistant adhesive for better hold in wet weather.

Dries to a colourless film: invisible once applied.

Handy-Size 200 ML spray will easily fit in your kit bag.


The Pre-Tape Spray is a spray-on adhesive that increases the adhesion between the tape and the skin causing a more secure and longer lasting adhesion. The pre-taping sprays on the market are (non-environmentally friendly) pressurized bottles, while this spray just uses a pump system. This also allows for easier transportation.

The spray is particularly handy in situations where you are required to tape on either greasy or sweaty skin. The adhesive spray creates a tacky surface which helps to improve tape adherence and add security to any wraps or tapes. It is more water resistant than the adhesive on most tapes, making it ideal for applying to areas that are prone to be more wet/sweaty/dirty.

The alcohol content also acts as a skin cleaner and provides antiseptic protection to the skin without discolouration. The spray is colourless, completely invisible once sprayed onto the skin

VetkinTape® is an elastic kinesiology tape, innovated and developed especially for veterinary appliances. Its key features include a special adhesive layer designed to stick on coats, 145% stretch to match and different sizes for application on all sorts of animals (i.e. equine & canine).

VetkinTape® is used for:

  • Injured muscles (pain relief and stimulates circulation)
  • Improvement of performance and recovery time
  • Biomechanical and postural dysfunction

VetkinTape® kinesiology tape is an easy-to-use, latex free and TÜV quality mark certified product. It is specifically developed for the veterinary professionals.

VetkinTape® supports the animal’s body, enhances movement and reduces pain. It can be applied as an additional method combined with animal physiotherapy or applied as a stand-alone treatment method. Applications of VetkinTape® for horses can be: reduction of pain in muscles and/or joints, posture problems or movement issues.

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VetkinTape® Pre-Tape Spray is a spray-on adhesive to increase the stick between tape and the skin, making tapes stick very securely and last longer. VetkinTape Pre-Tape adhesive spray ensures an even better adhesion of the tape to the animal skin. The spray is quick-drying, which means that you can start taping quick