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Equine Massage for Horse Owners

We usually work in pairs (but you can work alone) in a relaxed atmosphere with lots of interaction and hands on massaging throughout the day by following Therese’s demonstrations and expert guidance.


You have the opportunity to ask questions as you work with the horses.

Be prepared to learn a lot and go away a little tired but you’ll also feel invigorated and eager to get started with your new skills!

On completion you will be presented with a Certificate of Participation.

Please contact Therese at Equi-Ed on the contact page of this website for further course details, dates and fees

Course Aims


A practical course designed for the horse owner to learn a new skill to look after the muscular system of their own horse. They will learn how this helps with both the physical and psychological aspects of the horse.

Animal welfare, trust and bonding between horse and owner, help with injury prevention and improved performance are all key aspects of this training



The clinic duration is around 6 hours with a short lunch break. Depending on the venue, you can use your own horse or one belonging to the equestrian centre or college we are using.


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